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The first political database software of its kind in the country which is designed to help electoral candidates, campaign managers, and political handlers to make precise and systematic assessments of support bases, and to devise appropriate and focused campaign strategies and tactics.

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Amellar Revenue Collection System

An affordable, highly customized system application specifically designed for local government unit treasurers to help them organize and consolidate all their collection transactions.

Amellar Revenue Collection System Amellar Revenue Collection System

Amellar Statement of Receipts & Expenditures System

A highly advanced system for capturing and reporting receipts and expenditures specially customized for the local government unit treasurers in the country.

Amellar Statement of Receipts & Expenditures System Amellar Statement of Receipts & Expenditures System

Real Property Tax Administration System

Computerizes and seamlessly intergrates the comprehensive appraisal, assessment, billing, and collection of real property taxes which also covers the RPTA functions and activities of the assessor's and treasurer's offices.

Real Property Tax Administration System Real Property Tax Administration System

Business Permits & Licensing System

Simplifies business permits and licensing operations by automating the permit application process, assessment of taxes and fees, billing, payment, and liquidation of collections.

Business Permits & Licensing System Business Permits & Licensing System

Miscellaneous Revenues System

A powerful tool in assessing and collecting miscellaneous revenues that are often neglected such as franchise tax, community tax, professional tax and many others.

Miscellaneous Revenues System Miscellaneous Revenues System

Amellar GIS: Thematic Mapping

A mapping solution that allows users to create different types of maps according to their needs or purposes. It can combine basic information that tells you WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.

Amellar GIS: Thematic Mapping Amellar GIS: Thematic Mapping


What they say about us

Manila Seal

"The system now allows us to efficiently maintain and increase the integrity of our database. We can now generate realtime reports required for internal and field operations, and to comply with DOF-BLGF requirements. Most importantly, the system allows us to effectively and efficiently perform the never ending transaction handled by our Office - from certification requests, in less than 30 minutes, to complicated transactions such as subdivision and consolidation of properties in an hour provided documentations are complete"

Mercedes DC Catiil
Officer-In-Charge, City of Manila

Manila Seal

"Amellar provided us the right ingredients to have a successful IT implementation: tested and tailor-fitted applications on Manila's needs, secured and integral database in Oracle-Linux platform, well-defined project methodology and an experience project management team"

Timothy P. Evangelista
OIC, EDP Services, City of Manila

Tagaytay Seal

"Amellar has fast tracked our general revision of assessments effective year 2001. Various reports such as the Journal of Assessment Transactions, the Journal of Cancelled Assessments and other technical and management reports that are not available in our old computerized system are now easily available in Amellar."

Gregorio M. Monreal
City Administrator/City Assessor, Tagaytay City

Caloocan Seal

"Amellar Solutions has been our most valuable partner in advancing Caloocan City’s revenue collection system for the past five years...With Amellar, we were able to almost double our City's revenue collection for real property taxes in the last four years. Delinquent taxpayers were easily identified and billed accordingly"

Reynaldo O. Malonzo
Mayor, Caloocan City

Antipolo Seal

"...the Amellar revenue-based GIS is handling a large amount of information for the City... Through the system, we discovered more than 30,000 building structures, which are not declared in the Assessor’s Office...I, myself, is getting considerable amount of information from Amellar GIS. As Mayor, it has helped me make informed decisions."

Angelito C. Gatlabayan
Mayor, Antipolo City

Marikina Seal

"The Treasurer’s Office, Assessor’s Office and even the Business Permits and Licensing Office...with the use of [Amellar] software greatly improved our services to the public; increased our collection[s] on Real Property Tax Administration/Collection (RPTA) and Business Tax and other Regulatory fees... The tax paying transactions and the generation of technical and management reports became faster, easier and more efficient than they used to. Before, it takes us about a month or two... now, we produce notices of delinquency per barangay in a matter of three to four days...The [Amellar] software...greatly benefited the City Government of Marikina."

Natividad N. Cabalquinto
City Treasurer, Marikina City

Tarlac Seal

"It (Amellar System) consists of the Assessment and Collection Systems of both the RPTA and BPLO and has the capability to produce 100 plus technical and management reports."

Honesto B. Lugtu
Information Technology Officer, Tarlac City

Angeles Seal

"With Amellar, our General Revision of Assessments in 1996 has been completed in a record time of two months at a cost considerably lower than a manual system, a general revision of assessments usually takes about a year to complete and requires almost P2 million in expenses."

Alberto Y. Murillo, Jr.
City Assessor, Angeles City

Olongapo Seal

"Amellar is an integrated system capable to handle on-line transaction of the following areas of the agency: Office of the City Assessor - Real Property Tax Administration Business Permit and Licensing Office Treasury Department - Business Permit and Licensing System Collection System...said applications are on-line and are being used by the departments stated above. "

Herbert E. Mendoza
System Administrator, Olongapo City

Carmona Seal

"As a Systems Integrator, I would rate Amellar Solutions as the best in the country. It does not only provide the most sophisticated government software but it also has the best service that any client could ask for. Amellar Solutions staffs are young, hardworking, driven, and very talented. I think the entire Amellar technical team stayed and lived in Carmona. They ate, slept—if they have slept at all, and are ever present until the completion of the project. They did not only visit us. They practically lived with us. They knew the real property tax administration from A to Z. On the technical side, I could say that they really knew what they were doing. Otherwise the project would have not been finished on time and with overwhelming results... "

Dave Peñano
System Administrator, Carmona, Cavite

Nasugbu Seal

"...The method by which the Amellar computerized systems – RPTA and BPLS – process raw data into usable tax information made my job a lot easier. From the very strict adherence to the pertinent laws, rules and regulations, to the manner by which each personnel are made accountable is very commendable. Features for auditing transactions are also available for monitoring irregularities if there are any."

Francis Duavit
System Administrator, Nasugbu, Batangas

Mariveles Seal

"Through the efforts initiated by Amellar, we were able to get hold of valuable information regarding our Real Property Taxes. We were able to concentrate our tax collection efforts on the top delinquent taxpayers. Any temptation to commit indiscretion by both the local personnel and also the taxpayers is minimized if not eradicated."

Eduardo Liloc
Chairman, Committee on Appropriations,
Sanggunian Bayan, Mariveles, Bataan

BiÑan Seal

"Through Amellar, we discovered the top 1,000 delinquent accounts representing 89% of the total delinquent accounts. This means that we only have to go after the top 1,000 delinquent taxpayers in order to collect P589 million out of the total P662 million delinquencies...We no longer have taxpayers who dread waiting in line to pay their accounts since taxpaying transactions have been reduced to an incredible five minutes from a seemingly one to two hours."

Angelito A. Alonalon
Municipal Treasurer, Biñan, Laguna

Urdaneta Seal

"Urdaneta has failed its previous computerization project. Before, City personnel did the encoding of records for one year. Unfortunately, after the encoding, we realized that the old system we had would never work. This was prior to the adoption of Amellar System. With the Amellar System, encoding, including the cleansing of encoded real property and business records, took five months and three weeks to complete...Considering the quality of the City’s manual records, the completion of these activities is quite fast...we are now using the automated system to go after our delinquencies that have been identified by the system."

Hernan P. Acero
Information Technology Officer, Urdaneta City

Caloocan Seal

"...administering the Assessor’s Office through Amellar has never been this easy. We have more time for fieldwork... transactions... take lesser time to complete. Most of all, we have trimmed down the number of hotheaded taxpayers and turned their majority into smiling, satisfied customers."

Numenia I. Obina
OIC, City Assessor, Caloocan City

Antipolo Seal

"...The initial results of using the Amellar software in Antipolo [are] very encouraging. Around half a billion pesos in delinquencies have already been discovered. Currently we are taking actions to collect around P180 million in delinquencies from our top 1000 delinquent accounts, which were identified by the software. Under a manual system, getting hold of such crucial information could be very difficult, if impossible, considering the great volume of our records."

Josefina O. De Jesus
City Treasurer, Antipolo City

Tagaytay Seal

"… Amellar Solutions has upgraded our old computerized system for the collection of the real property tax. Our new computerized system has more features and reports compared to the old one... from an estimate of P5.9 million pesos in both basic and S.E.F. tax delinquencies, as generated by our old computerized system, the Amellar System generated over P198 million in delinquencies for just a three-year period. This 3,200% increase was due to the reconciliation of the City Assessor’s Office’s records with that of the Land Tax Division records. Under the old computerized system, such reconciliation had not been possible. "

Norberto A. San Mateo
City Treasurer, Tagaytay City

Marikina Seal

"...Marikina City’s automated taxation system (RPTA and Local Tax), installed by Amellar Solutions, has been operational since January 1998. The whole system is very stable, manageable and very easy to administer. The system is manageable that the City's huge number of accounts can easily be handled by non- Computer Science or Computer Engineering graduates."

Erwin R. Diñoso
System Administrator, Marikina City

Nasugbu Seal

"...I can say that the said system is the best tool that we had so far for all our mapping tasks. In fact, we immediately found a way in gaining additional revenue for the simple map printouts alone. With the said system, finding and printing specific area was made easy like never before. There are indeed a number of benefits that we immediately realized in using the said application...Indeed, the Amellar GIS made our mapping tasks simpler and effective. We know that with these tools at hand, we can make better and more informed decisions like never before."

Rolando L. De Joya
Municipal Assessor, Nasugbu, Batangas

Marikina Seal

"With the system (Amellar) in place, the City has been able to do more in less time. Reports that used to take two weeks to accomplish under the manual system can now be done in a day; transactions that usually took two hours to finish would only now take five minutes. This allows us to more time and people for fieldwork. Our fieldwork has become more efficient as a result."

Santiago SP. Ramos
City Assessor, Marikina City

Caloocan Seal

"Amellar is easy to manage and only requires very minimal skills. Amellar has been helping the collections of Caloocan City a lot. Not only that, most of our taxpayers are also happy and very thankful because of the good service we have been providing them."

Rosalio V. Arcilla
System Administrator, Caloocan City

Biñan Seal

"Since we started using Amellar…, we have been able to perform our assessment tasks with much ease at a swift pace...The system has allowed us to dedicate more time for fieldwork. Moreover, the discovery of undeclared properties has become more accurate and efficient. Undoubtedly, the Municipality of Biñan has seen the immediate advantage of acquiring Amellar. Our office is now enjoying increased assessments, faster transactions, and faster generation of reports and documents."

Danilo S. Arzola
City Assessor, Biñan, Laguna

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