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Amellar Statement of Receipts & Expenditures System

A highly advanced system for capturing and reporting receipts and expenditures specially customized for the local government unit treasurers in the country.

Amellar Statement of Receipts & Expenditures System Amellar Statement of Receipts & Expenditures System

Amellar GIS: Thematic Mapping

A mapping solution that allows users to create different types of maps according to their needs or purposes. It can combine basic information that tells you WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW.

Amellar GIS: Thematic Mapping Amellar GIS: Thematic Mapping


The first political database software of its kind in the country which is designed to help electoral candidates, campaign managers, and political handlers to make precise and systematic assessments of support bases, and to devise appropriate and focused campaign strategies and tactics.

Eleksyon Eleksyon

Real Property Tax Administration System

Computerizes and seamlessly intergrates the comprehensive appraisal, assessment, billing, and collection of real property taxes which also covers the RPTA functions and activities of the assessor's and treasurer's offices.

Real Property Tax Administration System Real Property Tax Administration System

Amellar Revenue Collection System

An affordable, highly customized system application specifically designed for local government unit treasurers to help them organize and consolidate all their collection transactions.

Amellar Revenue Collection System Amellar Revenue Collection System

Miscellaneous Revenues System

A powerful tool in assessing and collecting miscellaneous revenues that are often neglected such as franchise tax, community tax, professional tax and many others.

Miscellaneous Revenues System Miscellaneous Revenues System

Business Permits & Licensing System

Simplifies business permits and licensing operations by automating the permit application process, assessment of taxes and fees, billing, payment, and liquidation of collections.

Business Permits & Licensing System Business Permits & Licensing System

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Revenue Generation Systems

PMS: Public Market System

Public markets play an important role in communities because they make basic goods and services accessible to citizens. They also promote small and micro-businesses. Unfortunately, many LGUs have to subsidize the operations of public markets because of high delinquency or non-remittance of fees.

With Amellar PMS©, public markets can become viable economic enterprises. Amellar PMS© automates and systematizes the assessment and billing of charges to stallholders and other market occupants. To increase efficiency in collections and monitoring patterns of payment or non-payment, Amellar PMS© includes a digital physical layout of the market, and provides the corresponding information for each stall and stallholder. Amellar PMS© allows supervision of collection activities, and also handles cash ticket implementation and monitoring.


  • Digitizes public market layout, which shows information for each stall, stall holder, and common areas or facilities
  • Automates the assessment and billing of fees and charges to stallholders, occupants, and vendors
  • Processes online payments of stall rental charges and other market fees
  • Monitors cash ticket flow for ambulant vendors
  • Integrates with the Amellar PMS© for automated collection and payment validation


  • Increases revenues with better monitoring of collections
  • Facilitates easy monitoring and analysis with visual geographic representation of stalls
  • Improves records management with accurate and detailed records of stallholders, collections, etc.
  • Monitors payment status by classification (type of products sold, owners, etc.)
  • Increases reliability and easier inventory of cash tickets
  • Enhances transparency and accountability among market administration staff
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